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Maybe this is a Poem

Slice of Life Challenge Day 20

Slice of Life Challenge Day 20

On Sunday, I posted a poem I created using lines I read on Facebook, emails, and in blogs. I tried it again. I’ve actually been working on this one for three days. I keep coming back to it, moving lines around. I’m not totally pleased with it yet. When you use other people’s words, trying to keep the integrity of the quotes while making it fit into a poem carrying can be like building a puzzle out of mismatched pieces. Maybe a piece is missing. Maybe I put one in the wrong place, and it kinda fits but not quite. Whatever the result, I do enjoy the challenge.

Maybe it’s not too late for sugar cubes
and slotted spoons and green fairy sips
traveling throughout the body offering love,
acceptance, and gratitude.

I am perfection.
I am healthy.
I am strong.

We believe in categories and think they’re true.
Our visions will become clear when
our words are as good as our actions.

Hymns are bigger than any mistakes;
you fumble, turn the page, sing the wrong words
yet the room fills with song,
and the hymn expands.

I sing.
You sing.
We sing.

Look into your own heart.
Sometimes the cliché photograph
tells the real truth.

Created with words from wise poets: Carl Jung, Anne Lamott, Oprah Winfrey, Philip Gould, James McDowell, and Paul, an English teacher from Alberta.

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