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Slice of Life Day 20.  Join the Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Challenge.

Slice of Life Day 20. Join the Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Challenge.

There’s nothing like getting ready for a party that makes you look at your home with a critical eye. There are things you put off doing until a party is coming. My daughter is having an engagement party for her best friend, Katie. We are getting ready. This weekend we threw out all the dead plants from the extreme winter and planted new ones around the deck. It’s so nice and fresh.

deck plants

We hired a carpenter/ handyman to come paint the ceiling where there were stains from long ago leaking. (The roof was changed two years ago) While he was up on the scaffolding, (our ceiling is 17 feet high) I asked him to clean the light fixtures and change the bulbs. Well, that didn’t go as planned and the light fixture broke. A trip to Home Depot to find a quick fix. I think new lights will move up the line on our renovation list. (Renovation is constant in a 40+ year old house.)

Today, I cleaned the fire place. This is something I rarely do. The ashes smell like a camp fire every time I pass by. While I love that scent, I thought for a party, it should be clean.

Why is it that I never notice the build up of dust in the corners until now? My list grows.

The preparations continue. My daughter is doing most of them, arranging for the food, ordering the cake, making a play list, and hiring a bar tender. I am enjoying being a part of her gift for her friend.

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