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Ideas Grow

Round up is here today!

Round up is here today!

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Don’t you love how small ideas can grow into big ideas with the strength of social media? Some ideas you can hardly trace back to the original owner. Take Poetry Friday, for example. How did it get started? Does anyone know?

On Facebook this week, I was tagged in a post, “For the love of poetry, let’s scatter poems all over Facebook.” I jumped in and tagged a few more people and now they are posting and tagging. How long will this go on? Ideas grow.

Last Sunday, I didn’t know what to write about for DigiLit Sunday, a round up of digital literacy posts that I started. I was about to give up. The last week of school was over, and I was bone dry. On a whim, I posted a digital challenge. Check it out here. I feel it was a huge success because there were a few people who joined in that I didn’t know. I’ll be posting another challenge this Sunday. Tune in. Here’s the Pinterest board full of digital images and poems.

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater was given a push by Kimberley Moran to have a Try This section on Sharing our Notebooks. Amy invited bloggers to send her ideas and her page is now full of 40+ Try This ideas. Wow!

Today Michelle Hendrick Barnes is posting her gallery of free verse word poems inspired by Nikki Grimes. I don’t always take part, but I did this month. There is something so satisfying about participating in a community. And sharing poetry.

In this digital world, poetry is available and accessible to anyone. Welcome to the Poetry Friday Parade. Jump in line anytime or just stand on the side and wave. It’s all good.

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