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Magic Matt visits

Magic Matt visits

Magic Matt visited me this week. He was on fall break from his private school. I have been missing him in my class, but I know this move was the best thing for him. I couldn’t believe how much he’s grown, both in stature and maturity. (Not to mention his voice has changed.)

Matthew had to bring along his latest magic trick. (I wrote about his magic in this post.) He took out a rubiks cube and asked me to “mess with it.” Then he put it into a brown bag and took out a completed one. But, of course, he said, “You know that I have two in my bag. Not such a great trick, huh?” Then he proceeded to mess up the completed one just exactly like the one I had messed up, side by side. OMG!

He continued to do more amazing things with the rubiks cube. I asked if he could come back on Friday to my other school and do a show for them. They were amazed as I was at the many tricks he showed them. He is also hilarious and entertaining as he flashes the cards or the cube. You are trying so hard to keep up with his banter that you lose track of what his hands are doing.

I celebrate keeping this connection with my former student as well as the development and celebration of a talent. Matthew practices tirelessly on his skills. In addition to meeting the rigors of his new school, he is also finding a new audience for his amazing talent. I am so proud of him. Does it show?

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