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Every year I judge a state writing contest, LA Writes!  Teachers gather to choose finalists to send to author judges.  I never judge the elementary entries since that is the level I teach. Laurie was reading a stack of 5th grade poems when she came to me and said, “I have to share this with you.  It’s not a winning poem, but the first line is so hilarious that I was laughing so hard I had to take a puff of my inhaler!”

Then I noticed the title, “Lovely Owen Liles.”  My cousin Andrew has a daughter named Owen, and they live in New Orleans.  Wait!  I turned over to find the entry blank and sure enough, the poem was written by my cousin Amos who is in fifth grade.   Laurie was right, it wasn’t contest winning, but it certainly won my heart and made me laugh out loud!

Lovely Owen Liles
by Amos Liles
You make me laugh when you toot, and it smells like dead possum.
Have I told you that you make me laugh when you make that face
where you wrinkle your lips.
Have I told you that you are so cute even a princess
puppy is not cute.
Have I told you that you are so generous you get me a
lollipop everytime you go swimming.
Have I told you that you are so fun like when you make 
me laugh when I’m sad.
You are the best.

My cousin Andrew Liles with his daughter Owen, the lovely Owen Liles.

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