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I received a snow poem from Liz Steinglass. I’m not sure how well you can see it, but she cut up the letters in the word snow and made snow letters.  Each stanza begins with snow fall and a line of imagery.  Beautiful!

I thought about how I could share this with my students.  We rarely get snow, but last Friday was one of those rare occasions, so what better way to celebrate than with snow poetry and making paper snowflakes.  Liz also sent stencils and patterns for snowflakes.  We are still working on a display in the classroom.

Thanks, Liz, for helping us celebrate winter, snow, and words on the page.

paper snowflake

Student-made snowflake with an original pattern. Notice the heart shapes.

snow haiku 2

#haikuforhealing  photo and poem by Margaret Simon, 2017



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