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Poetry Friday round-up is with Cheriee’s blog, Library Matters.

This month I challenged my writing partners, the Sunday Night Swaggers, to write zeno poems. This fun form was created by J. Patrick Lewis and is based on a mathematical sequence of 8,4,2,1,4,2,1,4,2,1 with each 1 syllable line rhyming. This is one of my favorite forms to use with children. The syllable count is doable, and there’s the added challenge of rhyme.

Even though the temperature hasn’t changed (we have highs in the mid 90’s still.), the signs of fall are here: shorter days, browning cypress, and high sugarcane.

Sugarcane is taller than me.
Tangled green stalks
reaching for fall’s
field of beauty
in my

Margaret Simon, draft

Autumn sounds like a sad songbird
singing under
where blossoms from
empty bird’s nest

Margaret Simon, draft
Sugarcane field

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More Spiritual Journey posts are gathered at Karen Eastland’s blog. Click the image.

This month Karen chose Beauty as the theme for our Spiritual Journey posts. I was looking through a magazine and came across the word “Beautiful,” so I decided I needed to make a collage. I love making collages, but don’t do it often. When other things get in the way, we tend to put aside the little creative things that make us happy. You feel guilty spending time on a frivolous pleasure. But it’s that very pleasure that keeps us creative and happy.

Beauty is…
giggles from a grandson
roses in bloom
hot-air balloon on a summer morning
kitten running sideways
glass of red
moss swaying in the breeze
egret flying over the sugarcane field
chocolate, dark with mint
a cuppa latte with a petal in the froth
these words,
I love you.

Margaret Simon, 2019, draft

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