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Poetry Friday is with Mary Lee at A Year of Reading

Happy National Poetry Month! At the beginning of the month the Sunday Night Poetry Swaggers post a poem in response to a challenge. This month the challenge is from Linda Mitchell. “Something seen in many ways” patterned after Pat Schneider’s The Moon Ten Times as seen on Jama Rattigan’s blog here.

I was pretty last minute in doing this challenge. In fact, I’d call it a LaMiPoFri poem (coined by Kat Apel as “last minute poetry Friday” poem). To help myself find the time to write, I offered the challenge to my student Chloe, set the timer, and we wrote. I like her poem, too, so I will share it as well.

I’ve been working on crocheting a baby blanket for my daughter’s sister-in-law’s baby coming in May. With so many hours of loops and chains, I’ve got the blanket on my mind.

white crochet baby blanket by Margaret Simon

Baby Blanket. Ten Ways

I. Magic circle
double crochet
chain 3, chain 4
Granny square

II. Angel lace 
holes for small fingers

III. When the apple peeler
curls a perfect unbroken spiral.

IV. Thread of cotton once 
worn by a field

V. Play peek-a-boo
I see you
over & under

VI. Miracle wrapped
like a present

VII. Woven dreams
double wish

VIII. Scent of new skin
settles in

IX. Touch to touch
heirloom for a Hope Chest

X. Mother’s heart
Grandmother’s grace
Nothing but love

Margaret Simon, draft

Chloe wrote her poem about origami, a new obsession of hers.

Photo by Miguel u00c1. Padriu00f1u00e1n on Pexels.com

Five things about origami

  1.   Crisp folds

Creasing perfect angels

  1. Shapeshifting waves

Carved into the

Ombre of life

  1. Natural resource

That swims

Through scissors

  1. Bright colors

Warming the

Temperature of 


  1. Topping off

With a design

To expose.

Chloe, 5th grade

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