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Poetry Friday round-up is with Laura Shovan.

This being the first Friday of the month, our Sunday night writing group is up to a new challenge, this time from Heidi. Tabatha Yeatts recently posted a poem by Gail Martin. “What Pain Doesn’t Know about Me” makes a great mentor text for writing about nearly anything. Molly used the prompt to cleverly write about frogs!

Heidi added to the challenge to throw in anthimeria. Go ahead and click the link. I didn’t know what it was either, but I’ve likely used the technique before. Anthimeria is converting a noun into a verb, or a verb into a noun and so forth. I had already drafted a poem when I saw this added bonus, so I edited for the effect.

What Grief Doesn’t Know About Me

after Gail Martin

How I go to bed early and rise before the sun.

My duck-feet. How my surface-body is still while I paddle fiercely.

I can count syllables while walking. I lullaby babies.

He’s not taken my singing,

My generations in the South,

My ability to swim in the deep. Tread water indefinitely.

We don’t talk every day.  We have coffee together on Mondays.

Now, as I watch my cat bat at a black pen on the kitchen table,
I know not to put my hand in the mix. 

If you ask me how my day is going, I might cry.

Margaret Simon, draft

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