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Poetry Friday is with Linda at TeacherDance.

I am participating in Laura Shovan’s February Poetry Project over on Facebook. The prompts around Time are varied and interesting. Buffy Silverman posted photos of animal prints in snow. But my attention went somewhere else as soon as I drove to school and witnessed the phenomenon of a fog bow. I googled “White rainbow” to find out that a fog bow is similar to a rainbow, but the sun is shining through fog rather than rain. A cemetery is across the street from my morning school. I took some pictures of the fog bow over the cemetery and actually pointed it out to a parent in the parking lot. She obviously had somewhere else to be.

Fog bow by Margaret Simon

Fog Bow

Making excuses
for being late,
this morning a white rainbow
rising above white tombs.

Science tells me it’s the fog–
diffraction of small water droplets.

I shout to another driver
probably running late like me.

See! Look!

Amazement lost in the rev of an engine.

Nature’s marker of time doesn’t need
a watch or digital reminder
of what to do when.

This gift.
This sign.
I’ll take it as Mine.

Margaret Simon, draft 2/10/22

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