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Time collage by Linda Mitchell

This month I am participating in Laura Shovan’s February poetry project on Facebook. The theme this year is Time. This beautiful collage made by Linda Mitchell was our prompt on Monday. So much to write about, but I focused on the couple dancing. This weekend my husband and I were dancing to one of our favorite bands, Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys at an event at the Acadiana Center for the Arts. Opportunities to dance have been few during the pandemic. We were a little rusty, but so happy to be out there again. A nearby friend captured a photo of us on the dance floor.

Time in a Picture Frame

The photographer shutters the moment
mid-glide of a waltz. 
You were smiling at him 
in the way a person whose known someone for a long time-
familiarity mixed with joy.

In your mind’s eye, the planets spin an orbit of protection.
No matter what,
the photo
will always show joy. 

You do not know when loss
will reveal something else hidden there-
a child looking on
or the tail of an astronaut’s lifeline. 

Today it is enough
to smile. 

(c) Margaret Simon draft

Jeff and Margaret dancing

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