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New Orleans Little Free Library

I took the opportunity of an extra day this weekend to visit my daughters in New Orleans.  My cousin and his family met me for lunch on Monday.  Then we headed over to Blue Cypress Books, an uptown used book store.  I listened while my cousin’s wife read aloud to her second grader.  I pulled favorite books off the shelf to suggest to the 5th grader.  We made our book stacks.

“Mom, how many books can we get?”

“When it comes to books, we don’t set a limit.  We look at which ones we really want to read.”

I wandered over to the poetry section.  Have you ever had a book call out to you?  Say, “Here I am waiting for you!”

I picked up “A Year with Rumi” and opened to January 17th.  How did Rumi know that this was the poem I needed today?  Book magic happens in used bookstores.



On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day I also bought two quote magnets.  Bookstore magic.


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