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Bunk Johnson mural at Da Berry Fresh Market


I look forward to Thursdays.  Carl gives me a call to remind me to pick up my vegetables at Da Berry Fresh Market.  I signed up for this CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in June, but it’s taken awhile for me to remember the pick-up day.

Each week Carl packs up fruits, vegetables, herbs, and a little surprise jar of something.  This week the surprise was a jar of pickled green tomatoes.  Last week there were 2 jars, honey and balsamic fig and blueberry jam.  This weekly supply inspires fresher and more inventive meals.  Last night I sautéed eggplant in shallots to go into delicious Yum Yum bowls for my family. (The girls are home for the weekend.) The meal was a big hit.

Daniel and Carl of Da Berry Fresh Market

Envision da Berry is the brainchild of Phanat Xanamane.  He came back home to ‘da Berry (New Iberia) to make a difference. The da Berry Market is just one way he has brightened up this area.  Phanat and Envision da Berry believe “combining art and technology in public space has the power to open Iberia Parish up to a new world of economic and cultural possibility.”  The glow on both Carl’s and Daniel’s faces not only reflect the heat, but also the joy and pride they take in their work.

And yes, I feel better about myself as a consumer buying fresh food from local farmers.  This is a positive for all, the community, the farmers, and me. To find out more, visit Da Berry Fresh Market at 520 Hopkins Street, New Iberia or follow their Facebook page. 



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Join the Two Writing Teachers blog for the Slice of Life Challenge.

Join the Two Writing Teachers blog for the Slice of Life Challenge.


I admit it, I use Facebook for news.  I may not be getting the most current, real news, but I’ve come to trust my “friends” to help me see what I need to see.

One of these friends is Phanat Xanamane.  Phanat (pronounced Pah-not) created a community organization called Envision da Berry.  The Berry (da Berry) is what New Iberia is commonly called.  Anyway, this weekend Phanat posted about Mary Lacy.

Mary Lacy showed up last Monday with a lift truck ready to paint a mural on an old downtown building.  After I saw Phanat’s post, I had to go check it out for myself.

Mary Lacy is from Vermont.  She is an artist on a mission.  She plans to travel all over the US to paint murals.  I asked her if she is being paid.  She said that only her expenses are paid.  Benjamin Moore is her paint supplier.  They will be promoting her tour through a video that is not out yet.  She hopes to gain some fame and recognition from her tour.  Well, she has certainly gotten this in New Iberia.

On Saturday when I talked with Mary, she said she hadn’t gotten much work done because people were out and about and stopping to talk with her.  I took a few pictures of the paint cans, her truck, and the mural in progress.

“How do you do this on such a large scale?”

A quick one word response, “Math.”  She lays out her design on a grid, plots it out by measuring and taping.  To her, the image is just a plot on a graph.  Amazing math work here!

Mary has one stipulation; she takes complete artist control of the project. For New Iberia, she chose the alligator. She wants her murals to represent the area she is working in. An alligator is certainly appropriate for bayou country.

Phanat shared this video interview on Facebook.

Alligator mural in process

I wish Mary luck in her adventures.  According to the Daily Iberian, Mary has four cities remaining on her 10-city tour: El Paso, Texas; Santa Monica, California; Portland, Oregon; and Bethel, Vermont.

Mary Lacy is spreading love with paint strokes.

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