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Discover. Play. Build.

Ruth Ayres invites us the celebrate each week. Click over to her site Discover. Play. Build. to read more celebrations.

Today is Celebration Saturday, and I am celebrating the first full week of summer and taking care of myself. I think we are all guilty of putting ourselves at the bottom of the list. This first week out of school I had time. I celebrate the gift of time to take care of myself.

  1. Cleaning out!  I hit the laundry room first.  The shelves are clean.  The junk is thrown out.  The useful, but no longer needed, things are bagged up for Goodwill.  Luckily today is a community household waste collection day, so my husband’s truck is ready to go with many cans of paint.
  2. Hosting Poetry Friday and having time to read all the posts!  See the round up here.
  3. Crochet time: I recently learned of a second grade student at one of my schools who was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  I am crocheting my first afghan as a prayer blanket for her.
  4. Eating right:  I’ve caught a few episodes of Dr. Oz.  He advised us to eat berries at breakfast.  I went blueberry picking this week and am enjoying these pops of fruity deliciousness with absolutely no guilt.

blueberry on branch

  1. Playing with photography: Last Sunday I put out a DigiLit Challenge.  Tomorrow I will post another one.  I also took Kim Douillard’s challenge of the week to try Black and White.
New Orleans City Park

New Orleans City Park

Grandmother Oak Morning

Grandmother Oak Morning

Candle sculpture

Candle sculpture

  1. Exercise:  I love walking my dog.  In the summer, you must get out before 8 AM to beat the heat.  My inner clock is still tuned to getting up for school, so I took advantage of early mornings to walk with Charlie.  He celebrates walking, too.
  2. Time to write:  This is last because I have a tinge of guilt that I didn’t spend more time writing.  I worked on a draft for a future blog post.  I revised my middle grade work in progress and wrote one poem.


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Another week into the nerdlution and I’m falling behind in one of my promises to myself. Exercise! Ugh! It’s always a challenge for me to fit. it. in. And the cold weather hasn’t helped. But this week has been better; I made it to Curves Monday and Wednesday mornings, Yoga class on Tuesday, and Zydeco dance lessons on Wednesday night. I’m even feeling a little sore. Learning to do the alligator walk does a job on your calves.

My attention to my OLW Open is working out pretty well. I try to attend the Acadiana Wordlab each week. On Saturday, the workshop leaders were two young actresses from an Improvisation Group, Silverbacks Improv Theatre. These girls were amazing actresses! We played the craziest games. In one of the games, we each added a line to a story; In another, we could only add one word. I participated even though I felt absolutely ridiculous and totally out of my comfort zone. As always in Wordlab, the writing was unique to the writer and wonderful.

And that leads me to my third nerdlution: writing every day. This has been easy with Laura Shovan’s daily color prompts. At her site, Author Amok, she is posting different color swatches from Pantone colors to prompt poetry. If we send her our poems, she posts them the next day. I have been feeling so famous all week as she daily posts one of my poems and tags me on Twitter and Facebook. Some other blog-friends are playing along, too. (Linda Baie and Diane Mayr) Please take a look at her post for today as it features one of my poems from my book Illuminate.

Let the nerdlution continue. Thanks to Michelle Haseltine for hosting the nerdlution round up every Thursday. Click here to read more.

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