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My house still smells like a florist.  Lilies and roses opening wide to remind me we had a wedding here.  The balloons have lost their height, and we’ve just about finished giving away or eating all of the 20 pineapples that decorated the tables.  My daughter Maggie is relaxing at the beach and admiring her rings.  She says Grant, her husband (that feels weird to write) wants a ring for his right hand, too.

If you follow my blog or my Facebook, you know this was the second wedding in six months in our family.  When Maggie started talking about getting engaged soon after Katherine’s wedding, I pulled out the family wedding band.  I regret that I hadn’t thought about it before, but since my girls wanted nothing to do with my wedding gown, I assumed they wouldn’t want an old wedding band.

My husband’s family sailed to Louisiana from Germany in the late 1800’s.  They settled in New Iberia. In 1893, Mary Baumgartner married George Simon.  One hundred years later in  the mid 1990’s, Jeff’s great aunt died, and we found this ring in her belongings, along with the wedding invitation.  Put away for safe keeping, I nearly forgot about it.

When I showed it to Maggie, she loved it.  She decided to ask Grant for an eternity band as an engagement ring.  This set fits Maggie’s style, simple elegance.  I am happy to have family history a part of this new marriage.

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