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Spring is emerging which brings on the desire for planting. Yesterday the temperatures rose into the 80’s, a little too warm for my taste, but it set off the urge to go to the local garden center.

I texted a friend about caladium bulbs. I am no expert gardener, so I depend on advice from those who are. Jenny came over Saturday morning with a yellow legal pad (she’s a lawyer) with a list of all the varieties that Hebert’s (pronounced A-bears) had gotten in just Friday. Apparently, you have to buy them early or they run out.

Caladium bulbs in bulk

I am an impulse buyer when it comes to plants. I usually just go to the garden center and see what looks good. But Jenny had her list, had scouted Hebert’s to see what varieties they had, and pulled up the images on her phone. Good thing, too, because there is no way to know what you’re getting by looking at them. The boxes were big and full of wood shavings with bulbs buried deep inside. Each box was marked with the name of the variety, but what’s in a name like Postman Joyner or Carolyn Whorton? It was necessary to have a reference librarian like Jenny and her phone to know what we were buying.

Digging for bulbs

Hebert’s was busy, busy. Everyone was drawn in by the warm weather and the urgency to clean out all the dead plants of winter. Ready to move on to spring. There was an atmosphere of joy. We ran into another friend who was chatting happily about her vaccine. We compared stories and for the most part, our little town has rolled out vaccinations pretty quickly and efficiently. For that we are all grateful.

On returning home, I was inspired to make a potting station near my back door. It’s been an area of dumping, where I’ve thrown dying plants, extra pots, bags of dirt, etc. So I found an old wrought iron shelf in the shed and organized it with garden tools, pots of seeds, herbs, gloves, fertilizer. I am very pleased with this project and feel I am ready to be a gardener, a wish I’ve had for a long time. Finally nearing the age of 60, I’ve figured I can make happen what I desire to happen. It’s never too late. Why wait?

Potting station at my backdoor

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Gardening is Not for Me

Slice of Life Challenge Day 19

Slice of Life Challenge Day 19

Spring flowers in vase

I think gardening is one of those things, like painting or writing, that can become a passion, but it must be in your blood first. Gardening did not get into my genes. I do not descend from farmers. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it. Gardening is just not for me.

Recently at a wordlab, we were asked to write a lie on a cute little 2×3 note decorated with a little sketch of a bee. Maybe the bee led me to think of this, but my lie was “I love gardening. The sensual feeling I get when digging comforts me.” Believable, right? We put our little lies in a hat and picked someone else’s lie to write about.

The irony of this dread of gardening is that I am surrounded by beauty. Luckily, we bought an older house that already had established landscaping. So when springs comes, I can cut bridal lace and azaleas from my yard. In the fall, we harvest satsumas. In the winter, camellias. But when summer comes, the growth is abundant. Weeds, weeds, and their nasty companions, wasps.

My daughter says maybe I should take a class. But can a class get into my blood and change me into someone who loves dirt and weeds and sweat? I don’t think so. Gardening is just not for me.

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