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Find more celebration posts at Ruth's blog.

Find more celebration posts at Ruth’s blog.

Looking for goldfish Main Street elves explore magic Do good for good's sake #haikuforhealing

Looking for goldfish
Main Street elves explore magic
Do good for good’s sake

This morning I took a cold walk to downtown Main Street.  I knew Callie would be there with her kids selling hot chocolate.  But this was not just your everyday Christmas season hot chocolate.  This cup of cocoa would help needy families celebrate Christmas, too.  Callie applied for a grant from the Acadiana Do Good Project.  They were given $100 that had to be used to do good.  #DoGood16


Callie and her family decided their tag line would be “Borne to Do Good” because they are the Borne family.  Her four children range in age from 3 to 10.  I learned about her project on Facebook where she advertised a Go Fund Me page.  She is not only soliciting funds, she is getting her whole family involved.  Selling the hot chocolate is only one of the steps.  They will then shop, wrap, and deliver.

Callie’s project touched me from the beginning because we have adopted a family for many years.  My girls remember wrapping gifts and delivering them, and as adults are continuing the tradition.

Callie told me about all the donations she has received.  One person gave them $20 to give free hot chocolate to all service workers, police, firefighters, etc.  While I was hanging out, they waved down a police car.  This cop passed the word on to his colleagues.  The kids were so excited to give away their hot chocolate.  Doing good passes on.



I also met Marti and her dog, Jenny.  They were doing good as well.  Marti has started a project called “Walking Wavers.”  She explained that in working on her own health, she started walking.  She realized that when she waved to drivers, she felt safer because they knew she was there.  She was also passing on a smile.


As I walked home, I practiced Marti’s initiative and waved to oncoming cars.  She was right.  I felt safer and happier.

Today I celebrate the Do Good projects and ask you, “What Do Good project will you do this season?”  Let’s pass it on!



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Discover. Play. Build.

Ruth Ayres invites us the celebrate each week. Click over to her site Discover. Play. Build. to read more celebrations.

The last week before Christmas break is a bit like the end of school, exciting, crazy, rushed, and long all at the same time. On Tuesday, my students had a visitor. What a treat! Margaret George is a local artist. She designed a window on Main Street that was full of little things kids love. So I asked her if she would come and paint ornaments with my students.

Artists like Margaret live in their imagination, so they can be scattered and perhaps a bit unorganized. But not Margaret George. She arrived early. She had a box full of supplies that included a glitter globe. She even brought cups for water, plates for paint, and an ornament tree to hang them on as they dried. She thought of everything.

My students gathered around the table and were engrossed in paint and artful play for two hours. Margaret bought glittery gold reindeer ornaments at the Dollar Store. She covered the glitter with white gesso paint. This gave the students a new surface to paint on. And she brought glitter that made the ornaments look like they were covered in sugar. Today I celebrate the gifts of a local artist, sparkly glitter, and the magical days before Christmas.

painting ornaments

Emily reindeer

reindeer ornaments

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