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Spiritual Journey framedHolly Mueller is the hostess of this beautiful blog journey.  Be sure to visit her site to read more inspirational posts.

We have been exploring different words chosen by our blogging community.  Greg’s one little word is Dive.

I am a wimp.  I don’t take risks easily.  Diving off the high diving board when I was a swimmer was the ultimate test of bravery, and I didn’t pass.   I think I have gotten braver, but I am still one who tests the waters with her big toe and slips in gradually.  Diving is very scary to me.

Blogging is entering into the publishing waters gradually.  I feel safe here in this space with only a few people reading my musings.  I guess you could say I dove in with Blessen, my first middle grade novel.  But it took me three years to write.  The diving came about when I decided to go the route of self-publishing.  Now I am about to finish the sequel (another 3 years in the making), and I want to dive in to the traditional publishing world.  This is so scary.

First I renewed my membership in SCBWI.  That was easy enough.  Then I registered for the Houston conference in April.  While registering, I signed up for a manuscript critique with an editor.  Hold on, what did you say?  I looked at the requirements for the submission.  I froze at the cover letter.  That’s when I opened up my safe Reflections on the Teche tab and started writing about the word Dive.  Am I ready to dive in?  What’s the worst that can happen, really?  I need to hold my nose and jump in.  I’m not sure what will be waiting in the water.  Was it Eleanor Roosevelt who said, “Do one thing that scares you every day?”

That is why I need God.  I know that I am always loved, no matter what.  There is no failure in God’s eyes.  There is only courage and hope wrapped up in love.

I enter the church on Ash Wednesday, and I walk to the alter for ashes.  I hear the words, “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”  The smudge of dust is placed on my forehead.  I return to my work with a renewed heart, ready to dive, ready to pursue a dream, ready to be made new.


A Valentine's Day gift from a student.

A Valentine’s Day gift from a student.


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Discover. Play. Build.

Today, I celebrate publishing. I love author and love hanging out with authors, feeling like an author, and making my students feel like authors.

vannisa writes of spring

1. My student, Vannisa, placed 2nd in the Writes of Spring contest sponsored by the Lafayette Public Library. Her poem is published in an anthology of winners.

Birmingham Arts Journal
2. My poem, In Blue Veils, was published in the Birmingham Arts Journal. Thanks to Irene Latham for submitting it.

A draping oak at Belmont Plantation.  Photo by Vickie Sullivan.

A draping oak at Belmont Plantation. Photo by Vickie Sullivan.

3. My friends and fellow authors, Diane Moore and Janet Faulk-Gonzales, have published a book together with the theme of porches. Each vignette features a porch of some kind. They held a book signing/reading on one of the most beautiful porches in New Iberia at Belmont Plantation.

A book to delight porch sitters, people who enjoy relaxing and meditating on a small porch or sitting with families and friends on Victorian style verandahs, telling stories and “taking the air.” The vignettes are quaint—some humorous, some tragic—but all incite memories of good times and relaxed hours “just porch sitting.” The cover is a photograph of glasswork rendered by Karen Bourque of Churchpoint, Louisiana, and the text includes eight whimsical illustrations by Paul Schexnayder of New Iberia, Louisiana.

Blood in the Cane Field copy
4. My mother-in-law, Anne L. Simon, received her first shipment of her first novel, Blood in the Cane Field. I am so proud of her and will write more about her book. Her book is available on Amazon, a thrilling crime novel set in South Louisiana.

5. Poet Laura Purdie Salas left a comment for one of my students this week on our kidblog site. I am using the book Math Poetry by Betsy Franco with my youngest students. They are loving the writing and blogging. Erin wrote about Pegasus in her addition poem. She was thrilled that a “real author” left her a comment. She said out loud, “I am famous!” You can read their wonderful poems on our kidblog site.

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