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This National Poetry Month button was created by my student Lani. If your students are writing a poem-a-day, you are welcome to use this button. My students are posting their poems here.

My Sunday poem came to me during the shower. Because I couldn’t write it down or record it, I kept saying it over and over, like a musical refrain. Then I wrote it on a sticky note. I was thinking about how the clouds seem to be dancers passing each other in the sky. Sometimes poems come whole, and all I have to do is write them down.

On Monday, after my morning walk, I noticed closed blossoms in the flower bed. Such a pleasant surprise. I know they will open up once the sun comes out, so I thought of the word expectant. Since it was our first day of ABCs of poetry in my class, we were writing acrostics today. I found a student interactive on Read, Write, Think.
My student Lynzee helped me write this poem. I wanted to use the word radiant, but it didn’t fit with the letters. We put radiant into the online thesaurus and found emanating.

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Join the roundup at Space City Scribes

Join the roundup at Space City Scribes

Join the Chalk-a-bration at Betsy Hubbard's site Teaching Young Writers.

Join the Chalk-a-bration at Betsy Hubbard’s site Teaching Young Writers.

What is Chalk-a-bration? The brain child of Betsy Hubbard of the Two Writing Teachers. The last day of the month is dedicated to chalking poems. And what better way to end National Poetry Month! My students have been looking forward to this day for months. (We were on spring break for the last day of March.) Now it is May Day, and we decided to celebrate Cinco de Mayo early with cinquain poems.

Read, Write, Think is a go-to site for me for all sorts of literacy lessons and fabulous student interactives. We pulled up the Theme Poems student interactive. Together as a class, we chose a shape, brainstormed words, and wrote a cinquain. Then it was outside time, playing with words, shapes, chalk, and shadows. Enjoy!

ice cream cone

Kaiden chalking

Raindrop chalk poem

Lani chalk balloon

GT Allstars poem

Shadows hold the sun

Sun Cinquain

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Please use this button on your site for DigiLit Sunday posts

Please use this button on your site for DigiLit Sunday posts

wisteria collage

This beautiful wisteria vine grows outside my bedroom window. I think I write a poem about it every year. Today for DigiLit Sunday, I am posting a collage made with Pic Stitch. One of my favorite teacher sites is Read, Write, Think. Supported by two amazing organizations, International Reading Association and National Council for Teachers of English, this site offers a wealth of literacy-based lesson plans. I also love the interactive applications available. I made a diamante poem on a Read, Write, Think Interactive. For students, the app works well because it prompts them for each word. The form for a diamante creates a diamond shape with 7 lines:

Two adjectives
Three -ing words
A phrase that connects title to ending word (antonym or synonym)
Three -ing words
Two adjectives
Ending noun, antonym or synonym

Wisteria diamante

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