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Opossum in a persimmon tree–say it three times fast. I caught this guy one morning on my walk with Charlie through the neighborhood. Does he look guilty to you? He didn’t move at all while I wandered to different perspectives to take his portrait. He was suspicious, yes, but completely still. Charlie didn’t bark. I don’t think he saw the opossum. We, opossum and I, however, locked eyes, and I will never be the same. These creatures usually freak me out, but this one…this one…was different somehow. Maybe it was the persimmon tree backdrop or his innocent guilty stare. Tempted to name him, I’ll just post his portrait here for you to muse about.

Opossum in persimmon tree, by Margaret Simon

Leave a small poem in the comments. I’ll be back to post mine. Be kind in your responses to other writers. Enjoy!

Opossum in a persimmon tree
Staring right back at me
Did I catch a thief
or make a new friend? 

Margaret Simon, draft

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Join the Two Writing Teachers blog for Tuesdays Slice of Life Challenge.

good thoughts

A lovely face. I strive to make my face lovely every day, but this is easier said than done.

I found this card when I was shopping for something to take to a friend in the hospital. She had gotten the diagnosis and had to have surgery. I bought her a plant and went by. She said, “I’ve decided to just ride the wave of this journey.” She was not wailing about “woe is me” or “why me.” And her face looked lovely.

“When the sun is shining, you never expect it to rain. When it’s raining, you think it will never end.” These wise words from my mother-in-law as we drove home (in the rain) from the doctor. She had not gotten good news. Looks like surgery is in the future. Later she texted me “Petey (her dog) and I think an inch and a half of wine is better than Lortab.” Her chin is up. Her face is lovely.

Summer has come to South Louisiana and every day showers fall. Summer rains are so refreshing. They make everything lovely.

What can you do today to make your face lovely? What positive words can you put in the world?

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