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Read other Slice of Life writers at The Two Writing Teachers

Read other Slice of Life writers at The Two Writing Teachers

Yesterday was our first day back at school for 2013. Rather than making resolutions, I asked my students to pick One Little Word for the New Year. So we brainstormed possible words, words like responsibility, joy, integrity, courage, brave, bold, etc. Some students even wrote a poem about their word choice.

Brooklyn is a fifth grade student. She is quietly inspiring to all who know her. She is the school’s choice for Student of the Year and will soon compete for the district. Brooklyn is the younger sister of an amazing athlete. Her brother, Bryce, has won National Championships. Brooklyn, however, does not feel she is in his shadow. Instead, she is doing whatever she can to help Bryce reach his goal of being an Olympic athlete.

Recently on a regular weekly language workbook page, Brooklyn was asked to write a paragraph about a unique person. Here is her paragraph:

One of the many unique people I know is my brother. He is disabled. He has a type of Cerebral Palsy. It only affects his lower body. Even though he has this disability, it doesn’t stop him from doing whatever he puts his head to. My brother, Bryce, does different sports. Bryce does track, field, and power lifting. He even has 7 national records. My brother is truly unique.

Brooklyn is unselfishly devoted to her brother. She has created a Facebook page for him as he continues to train. Team Bryce

Brooklyn wrote with conviction when she decided that her word for 2013 would be “different.” Brooklyn knows that supporting her brother, being the wind beneath his wings, makes her stronger, makes her shine, makes her different.

I will be different.
I will be outstanding.
I will be the one.
I will be shining.
I will be decorative.
I will be different.

I will be known.
I will be independent.
I will be capable.
I will be courageous.
I will be caring.
I will be different.

I will be giving.
I will be helpful.
I will be faithful.
I will be clever.
I will be me.
She who stands out
and is the only me.
I will be different.


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