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Laura Purdie Salas is hosting today's round up.

Laura Purdie Salas is hosting today’s round up.


I have been thinking lately about what makes magic happen in writing workshop. I’m not sure, but I do know that my students feel like they are writers. This year I have a single third grader in my gifted group. She is pretty capable of doing what all the older kids are doing. But the other day, on a whim, she brought me this poem she had written. She glowed. She was so proud of it. I don’t know where it came from. It was not any prompt we had talked about. She explained to me that it just came to her. Maybe it was a stroke of genius. Or maybe it was a classroom atmosphere of poetry appreciation and writing freedom. Whatever it is and wherever the inspiration came from, I know enough to celebrate this lovely poem today on Poetry Friday.

Red petals flying with the wind.

O such grace dancing through the wind.

Sparkling shimmering as the sun joins you.

Even at night you’re dancing in the moon light.


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