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Last weekend my daughter, Katherine, and her boyfriend, Wayne, came home for the weekend to celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary and my birthday. Or, at least, that’s what Katherine told me was the reason for their visit. On Sunday morning my husband and I did our usual things. He went running, and I was walking Charlie. When I came into the kitchen, Wayne was there. He asked me, “Is Mr. Jeff up yet?”

“Yes, he’s running. Is there something you want to talk to him about?” I grinned. He knew I knew. Wayne offered to show me the ring. I was shaking and a little teary.

Kat's ring

This was a “long run” day, so by the time Jeff returned from running, Katherine was up, so Wayne did not have a chance to talk to him.

Before I left for church, I told Jeff that Wayne wanted to talk to him. The talk did not happen, so after church Jeff just called Wayne on the phone. They made their manners, so to speak. Jeff offered our blessing.

We enjoyed a lunch with them at Jefferson Island Cafe. After lunch, Wayne said he wanted to walk around some more. Jeff and I left, and I prayed that Wayne would propose right there, in the very place they plan to have the wedding. He did.

Katherine is very happy and so are we. There will be a wedding sometime in the fall of 2016.

Katherine and Wayne with an Asian statue on Jefferson Island.

Katherine and Wayne with an Asian statue on Jefferson Island.

I also celebrate the recovery of my mother-in-law. One of my prayer shawl ministry friends made this beautiful shawl for her. Minga (her grandma name) had surgery in July for spinal stenosis. Her pain has been greatly reduced and her activity levels increased.

Anne with prayer shawl

Anne with prayer shawl

This was our first full week of school. We started class on Tuesday, my birthday. I brought cookies and watermelon, so we had a party on the first day. We decorated our journals this week. I used my birthday cards to cover mine. The hand painted one is by my sister, Beth. I love that I will be able to enjoy her art work all year long.

my journal

I appreciate joining the Celebration Saturday each week. I feel like my world is larger with all of my virtual friends reading and celebrating with me.

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