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Canva Characters

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Please use this button on your site for DigiLit Sunday posts


A few weeks ago I wrote about using the app Canva.com to respond to reading.  I made a Canva to write about some of the female characters in Lost in the Sun.  This week I asked students to give it a try.  I offered Canva as a technology option for their reader response.  My response rubric requires the students to respond in three different ways, per  Aimee Buckner’s Notebook Know How.  I also require a TAG-TT (Title, author, genre, theme, and tone.)

I watched my students go through some of the same frustrations I had with the app, manipulating text boxes.  And on some computers, the app froze, and we’d have to restart.  Canva does save the draft automatically, so not all was lost.

I called the assignment Canva Characters. The students had to choose three characters and write about their interactions with the main character.  Not all results are in, but I think these two show that the assignment was a success.  Using technology can motivate students to move beyond their usual interpretation of text and create something new.

Lani's canva




The Lightning Thief copy

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