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Wild Hair

Read more Wild posts in Irene Latham's Blogiversary Round up.

Read more Wild posts in Irene Latham’s Blogiversary Round up.

Irene Latham is one of my very favorite Poetry Friday bloggers. She’s also an awesome author and sweet writing friend. She is having a “blogiversary” celebration rounding up blog posts for her 10 year blog anniversary on the theme of WILD! How wild is that?!

When you get a wild hair about something, you go off into new territory. Live outside the box, so to speak. The urban dictionary defines a wild hair as a decision to do something unexpected.



Green hair me

Wild Hair

Give me wild hair today,
the kind that waves at everyone,
happy to be alive
and free.

Give me wild hair today,
remind me to reach for the sky,
grateful for the curls,
ready to be me.

–Margaret Simon


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