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Poetry Friday round-up with Bridget at Wee Words for Wee ones.

Poetry Friday round-up with Bridget at Wee Words for Wee ones.

Photo by Laura P. Salas

Photo by Laura P. Salas

If you haven’t discovered Laura Purdie Salas’s Writing the World for Kids and 15 Words or Less, you’re missing some poetry fun. I love playing with words. Every Thursday, Laura gives us a chance to “wake up our poetry brains” by writing a quick poem in response to an image.

If you are having trouble fitting poetry playtime into your schedule, this may be your answer. Earlier in the year the site was blocked by our school server, but yesterday I tried again and by some miracle (or maybe a little nudging email), the site was open for viewing. I set the timer for 7 minutes and we wrote. Sacred writing time. I am always amazed at what my kids can do in such short blasts of writing.

Not everyone followed the rules. Tobie tweaked them a bit and quickly produced a rhyming poem that has 15 words in each stanza. I told him I couldn’t post it in the comments on Laura’s site, but I would share it here.

X marks the spot of chests of gold
They who find it prove themselves bold

X marks the spot of ye treasure
As he who finds gets thee pleasure

The spot to find depends on thee
the shadow of branches of a tree

He who finds it grants one wish
Most men want an excellent dish

As one wise man steps up to thee plate
He wishes for ye wishes eight

So if ye find the sacred treasure
Be wise with your choice, others or pleasure

Can trees really walk
Or dance while we’re not watching?
Disco, cha cha, frozen in place.

Giver of life
Lush green leaves
Shade for the creatures
Thank you trees
For life.

Shadows copying
Shadows dark
Shadows curly
Shadows straight
A big family of shadows

On these writing days, Laura and other writers chime in with comments on each other’s poems. Here’s what Laura had to say about my three writer’s offerings. “I love these, Emily, Erin, and Kaiden–thanks for sharing! I like the three different moods/techniques. Emily’s is full of whimsy, Erin’s of reverence, and Kaiden’s of pattern. And all full of imagination:>)” Real feedback from a real author! So cool!

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