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Join the Two Writing Teachers blog for the Slice of Life Challenge.


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Teenagers are in the midst of brain development, and sometimes that part that says “This is dangerous” doesn’t work as well as it does in adults.  My sister knows this and embraces it.  My niece, Taylor, wanted to pose a photo shoot on an old historical road near my parents’ home in Mississippi.

I said, “How do you take a picture on a road without getting hit by a car?”

Taylor responded with complete confidence, “You wait until there are no cars.  Then you run out into the street and snap a picture.  It’s exhilarating!”

I actually think my sister is a brilliant mother.  She encourages this dangerous behavior.  She told me outside of Taylor’s earshot, “If that’s the most dangerous thing she wants to do, and she chooses to do it with me, I’m all in!”

I had to admit I wanted to be a part of it, too.  So we set out to find Old Agency Rd.  Luckily, a high school is located on the same road, so we found a safe place to park.

Old Agency Rd. sign

Traffic was light, so we got out and hiked through the brush on the side of the road.


Old Agency Rd. 1

Taylor has a GoPro camera that she used to take her road selfie.  The rest of us were on lookout duty.

Taylor road 2

A nice young mother-type stopped her SUV next to me and rolled down her window.  She wanted to warn me about the dangers of this road.  “I’ve seen many cars run off the road.  I live around here.  You could get hit in seconds.”

“I know, we know.”  I explained my niece’s idea and that we wouldn’t be long.  She felt compelled to tell us.  I understand.  I’m a mother, too.

We survived.  Taylor got her shot.  And we did something that scared us that day.  Actually, it was just. plain. fun.

Taylor Road pic

Seize the day!


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