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View from the porch at Old Bedlam Farm


My summer is quickly coming to an end.  School starts in a few short weeks.  It’s time for me to focus, get into the classroom, and make plans for the year.

But first, I want to celebrate the summer life, that laid-back time when the day is completely empty.  When you can take time to explore a used bookstore in the woods of upstate New York.

When you can take time to peruse an antique store down the road in Salem.  Don’t forget to open the tiny drawers to find the smallest treasures, like a mustard seed pendant.

Leaning on my friends Julianne Harmatz and Kimberley Moran.


When you can take a lawn chair up the hill, find the shade of a tree, and write in the quiet of the morning.

Tara writes on the hillside. Sophie explores nearby.

When you can “Live like Heaven is on Earth.”

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