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Find more celebration posts at Ruth's blog.

Find more celebration posts at Ruth’s blog.


In the midst of tragedy, how can we celebrate?

Was it Mr. Rogers who said to look for the helpers?  There are helpers everywhere.

There is also kindness.

I have been glued to Facebook for the past week watching the shocking flooding of my friends’ homes. (The water came knocking but didn’t get into our house.)

I remember.  When I was in high school, my house was flooded 5 feet.  I know the smell.  I know how it feels to see your treasures piled up in the yard.  I’ve seen the studs in my home.

I also remember the kindness, the helpers.

I celebrate the helpers.  Kylene Beers and Kate Messner, authors I admire, both put out calls to replace books lost in the flooding.  If you know any school that has been affected, please check their Facebook pages.

I celebrate the resilience of my friends, how they are facing this tragedy and noticing the good.  They are experiencing the overwhelming feeling of loss alongside gratitude and hope.

Here is a post from my friend Gwen:

Our home is a metaphor for Louisiana.
Yes, we’ve been stripped down to our studs.
Right this moment, we’re a bit vulnerable, and we’re a bit weak.
We’re exposed.
But you know what is shining through?
Human character at its finest.
When we’re most exposed,
we show strength, generosity, kindness, joy, and love.
When we’re raw, we also show fear, despair, and sorrow.
The days have been long, and will continue to be.
When some are feeling strong, others are low.
But through it all, I have no doubt that we’ll recover.
It’s not our lowest point.
It’s not our darkest hour.
It’s our defining moment.

–Gwen Guillote

My friend, artist Paul Schexnayder, created a painting the symbolizes the resilience of people here.  He is selling prints and t-shirts to benefit the Community Foundation of Acadiana.  If you want more information about purchasing a print, t-shirt, or just making a donation, please send me a message by comment or email.

onward by Paul



We see the helpers.
We see the kindness.
We know hardship.
We know sorrow.
We know our neighbors.
We know love.



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