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Poetry Friday round-up is with Amy at The Poem Farm.

Poetry Friday round-up is with Amy at The Poem Farm.


Naomi Shihab Nye visited our classroom this week.  We watched her video of Valentine for Ernest Mann.  Showing the video made it feel like she was right there with us having a conversation.  Then we read the poem again and again, talking about it at length.  This poem can start a classroom controversy over whether or not skunks are really beautiful.

I asked my students to re-read the poem again and find some words that speak to them and try out their own poem.  I shared my poem. (posted here)

Sometimes poetry magic happens.  It happened for Lani.  She sat quietly with her notebook for a while and came to me to share this poem. She was proud that she wrote the poem from the point of view of the poem.  I think she caught the golden fish on the first try.


You can try to look for me
and I won’t be there
I won’t be in a drawer or
in your pocket. I won’t be
on a shiny plate ready to
share. Since you can’t order
me like you order a
Big Mac at McDonalds
You will have to search for
me like archeologists search
for bones. It will take a
while to find me and
it won’t be easy if
I’m in your hair or in
a skunk’s eyes. You
just have to look. I can
be anywhere from the
outside to inside your home.
The most likely place that
I will be is in the back
of your mind, ready to
happen and be shared.

–Lani, 5th grade (after Naomi Shihab Nye’s Valentine for Ernest Mann)

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