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Please use this button on your site for DigiLit Sunday posts

Lani watches a video about solar storms on Wonderopolis.

Lani watches a video about solar storms on Wonderopolis.


Yesterday I made the biggest mistake of my life. I went outside in a big, fat LIGHTNING STORM! I almost got struck by lightning too! (Kids, just don’t make my life choices.) It all started in Breaux Bridge…

I went to Dixie RV ”Super Store” to shop for a vacation RV. Out of the crystal blue sky fell a raindrop. It started drizzling. (I don’t know How it was possible, when all the clouds were pearly white.)

In a matter of SECONDS it started raining in like the flood was back. The ditches were filling up in 0.2 seconds. Then, the lightning started acting like stupid Angry Birds and I was the little Piggie with a phone as an egg. To make matters worse, Dixie RV has to be rich and have golf carts to ride around in the windy rain. While the rain was blowing in my face I noticed a tragedy. My phone was getting wet! I screamed in my mind so loud that I am sure everyone heard me.

I got out of the golf cart and a lighting strike was about 2 inches from meeting my face! I screamed to the gods and cried of scaredness. Hey! You would cry too! Guarantee!!! That experience has taught me a very important lesson: NEVER GO OUT IN A LIGHTNING STORM! BAD IDEA!!!!

Slice of Life by Lani (5th grade)

Every week my students write a Slice of Life on our class kidblog site, Mrs. Simon’s Sea.   With digital tools such as grammarly, edit, copy, paste, etc., they can successfully post a small piece of their lives.  Some of my students, like Lani, write these with ease.  Lani sees the drama in everyday life.

I used the above slice as a mentor text this week.  I wanted my students to notice how a small moment can be big. I wanted them to identify craft moves to emulate.  So I asked them, “What do you notice?”  We made a list.

  • All caps used to show emphasis.
  • exaggeration (hyperbole) that creates interest.
  • paragraph structure
  • ellipses…
  • parenthetical statement (adds voice)
  • imagery “crystal blue sky” and “pearly white clouds”
  • simile (metaphor)

Madison tried it out.

Two NIGHTS ago there was a LITERAL LIGHTNING STORM!!!! It all started on my way to Olive Garden…..

We were just on the highway out of my cousins trailer park and when I was looking out of the window and then there was huge flash of lightning and another and they scared me, but, atleast they stayed in the clouds!

After a few minutes, when I was looking out of the front window, there was a HUGE flash of lightning and I practically jumped out of my seat, and since the sky was so black that you couldn’t see the clouds, I was really scared!(It was scary since you couldn’t see where the lightning was going to come from.)

Slice of Life by Madison (3rd grade)

Drafting and revising a weekly slice gives my students practice in writing long about a small moment, a chance to try out craft moves, and a platform for their own voice.  For me, when my students compose digitally, I am able to easily grab mentor texts for lessons.  I can hold up my students as examples.  I can shine a light on good writing.

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