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Slice of a Swing

Join the Two Writing Teachers blog for the Slice of Life Challenge.

Join the Two Writing Teachers blog for the Slice of Life Challenge.


My three daughters lined up on the swing with Isabel, our weenie dog, and Sammy, the three-legged cat, on the first day of school.  My husband built the swing of heavy cypress, and it hung in the breezeway between the house and the carport.  The picture was taken in 1997 and took some time for me to find.  (I got lost in the trip down memory lane through albums of photos.)  I remembered that we took the first day of school picture every year on this cypress swing outside our back door.  Digging through the photos, I only found two.  The second one was taken in 1998, and Maggie had outgrown first-day-of-school photos, so it was only the younger two. (And Izzy and Sammy, of course)


Fast forward almost 20 years.  The swing has been sitting in our carport ever since we moved to this house 12 years ago.  We’ve just never found the right spot for it.  Our cats have enjoyed finding a dry spot to hang out, and we’ve used it to hold various things that tend to land in a carport.  It gathered dirt and leaves while the paint peeled.


A few weeks ago, our oldest daughter bought a house with her boyfriend.  They are engaged to be married this spring.  Their new house has a nice front porch just begging for a cypress swing.  So Jeff spent a few weekends cleaning, sanding, and painting the infamous swing.


On Sunday, we loaded it into his truck to deliver to its new home.

To me, this is a right of passage, of sorts.  The next generation is making their way into this world.  The swing has many more years left in it.  Solid, strong, and safe… like our family.

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