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Find more celebration posts at Ruth's blog.

Find more celebration posts at Ruth’s blog.



Celebrate #1: He bought me roses.  The beauty of a single rose is enough to take my breath away.  Something so small and simple is really a sign of the hope. I need that hope this week.

Celebrate #2:  NCTE is coming!  I leave on Thursday and will be meeting up with many friends.  I celebrate that I am co-moderating two panels.  I will also be involved with 2 roundtable discussions.  But most of all, I will be surrounded by like-minded people who want the best for their students.





My NCTE schedule:

Sat., 8 AM: F.21 We See Their Faces: How Historical Fiction Advocates for Empathy, Diversity, and Social Change B311

Sat., 9:30 G.12 Writing for a Better World: Poetry Response to World Events B210

Sat., 1:15 I.27 Authentic Voice in a Digital World: Using Technology in Our Literate Lives B215

Sunday, 1:30 N.20 Teachers as Writers: Practices and Possibilities (an NCTE Roundtable Session) b206 


Celebrate #3:  Class Twitter account: @MrsSimonsSea.  My students are excited to have their very own Twitter account.  I look forward to exploring ways we can connect with authors and other classrooms.  If you have a class account, please follow us.  Our first Tweet was a 4th grade student’s podcast about the importance of pets.

Jenn Hayhurst tweeted back.

I can’t wait to share this with Andrew on Monday.  I celebrate online connections and building student confidence with social media.

Please come back tomorrow for DigiLitSunday! Our topic this week is “Purpose.”


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