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Join the Two Writing Teachers blog for the Slice of Life Challenge.

Join the Two Writing Teachers blog for the Slice of Life Challenge.

Haiku #13

There, in twinkling lights
a Teddy Bear, nutcracker,
an angel watches.

The ornaments on the Christmas tree take me on a journey of memories.  I am borrowing this idea from Linda Baie who wrote about her ornaments memories here.

I don’t know why, but I hesitate to unpack the ornaments each year.  I don’t like doing it alone.  So my daughter Maggie came over to help me, even though she now has a home of her own.  I appreciated her help, but mostly I appreciated the impetus to get it done.  In her words, “Let’s do this thing!”  I turned on the Christmas CDs, and we dug in.

“Should we hang this one?” I asked.  “The year you hated Santa Claus.  Look at that face!”

Christmas '88: Maggie 3.5 years, Katherine 8 months.

Christmas ’88: Maggie 3.5 years, Katherine 8 months.

My husband, Jeff, has a special ornament we hang each year.  His second grade teacher made it for him, sequins on a styrofoam ball, spelling out his name.



I never seem to remember where I packed my favorite ornament, the one my mother gave me from the National Cathedral when I only had two daughters.  This is one of those breakable, precious ornaments that I wrap well and put away in its own box.  But which bin did I put it in?  After Maggie left and I was preparing to put the bins back into the closet, I gave it one more try, patiently opening and closing boxes, wrapping and unwrapping tissue paper.  Then I found it.  I hung it high on the tree, safe from little hands that we don’t really have around, and mischievous paws which are circling the tree as if it’s a new toy.



A more recent ornament was made by a local artist illustrating our church, The Church of the Epiphany.  This ornament reminds me of the true meaning of Christmas.  I look forward to singing in the loft (which once held slaves before the Civil War) on Christmas Eve.


What ornaments do you treasure year to year?  Happy Holidays!


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