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Join the Two Writing Teachers blog for the Slice of Life Challenge.

Join the Two Writing Teachers blog for the Slice of Life Challenge.


Saturday was a beautiful windy spring day.  A great day for a craft show.  The Shadows on the Teche hosts a craft festival twice a year.  I almost missed it.  I let the day get away from me with various Saturday chores.  About an hour before it closed, I headed downtown to check out the show.




My first stop was my friend Brenda’s booth of crocheted shawls.  I wanted to get a shawl for Sunday’s Berry Queen Hats and Hallelujahs Brunch.   Brenda had a just right shawl in bright reds and oranges.  Here I am all dressed up for the brunch.


One of the joys of walking through the craft festival is seeing and visiting with people.  I ran into old friends and made new ones.  I stopped at a pottery booth.  I was looking for a little pot to go into a wire rack I had purchased this week at an antique shop.  This little pot has a small guaranteed-to-survive-my-neglect South African succulent.












My favorite woodworker is a retired middle school principal.  He always asks me, “Still teaching?” Needless to say he is enjoying his retirement and his hobby job.  I found a perfect wedding gift from his selection of cutting boards.

The day is not complete without fresh Kettle corn.  You can smell it throughout town, and practically everyone you meet is carrying a bag of it.  Can’t resist.

The most wonderful gift of a Saturday afternoon is time to stroll through downtown, stop and take a picture of the amaryllis, and be grateful for the small things that bring pleasure.



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