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It’s hump day, or is it bump day? Literally. Driving down the highway on my way from school A to school B, I saw a big metal cylinder in my lane. There was nowhere to swerve, so I tried to straddle it. Ka-Bump! A loud bump! And an explicative from me. I took the next exit off the highway which happened to be near the dealership. I decided to play it safe and stop.

There were no visible signs of damage, so the service director told me to come back after school, and they would lift up my vehicle. I drive a Prius. This car is very close to the ground. When they lifted my car, they found the exhaust pipe was damaged. An hour later, after a long talk with the insurance company, I was driving home in a Yukon, the exact opposite of a Prius.

The rental agent explained some things about this huge vehicle. “When you get close to an object, the seat vibrates.” Sure enough as I was backing out, the seat buzzed my behind. Kinda shocking. And what was I supposed to do? Luckily, it didn’t buzz again until I was pulling into my carport. I guess I’ll learn how to park this gargantuan thing without hitting anything.

I don’t advise driving over things in the road, but if you do hit something, it’s not so bad when you get an upgrade. I feel like I should go around town and pick some people up to carpool. I wonder if anyone needs to move furniture this weekend. Give me a call.

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