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SOL #22: Before This

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Another prompt from Rip the Page by Karen Benke, p. 123. My students are using this book, too, to find writing ideas.  See their posts here.

Click here to read my students’ posts on Kidblog.




Before I opened the document to write this, I checked Kidblog to read more student stories.  Some of them have turned away from writing about themselves to write fiction stories. I imagined future authors in the making.


Every owl else was asleep and Aryn studied the breeze through the hole in the roof of the hollow. A strong headwind that was wet and warm with ocean spray, and the ancient Weather Ryb of the tree landed at her hollow roof, and she pulled herself up to stand on the roof as well. –Madison, Fan Fiction for Guardians of Ga’Hoole


“I have to find a way to get Thomas back to his normal self. I also have to make sure mom doesn’t find out about this or I am in big trouble.” Lynn says looking at Thomas. –Andrew, Wishing Rock, part 3


Before that, I listened to a message from a friend.  She’s finding her writing voice and feeling positive today.

“Writers have ebbs and flows. I have pent up energy because I haven’t been able to write in a while.”


Before that, I spoke to clients at Solomon House, “How’re you today? Have a good day.” I watch the people who have come to mean something to me.  Paul sings his hello like a bird, cheerful and welcoming to the morning. Janet is always serious and tells me her name like I’ve never seen her before. Then, “How’s your daughter doing?”


Clients wait for Brown Bag give out at Solomon House.


Before that, I rubbed Neosporin on Charlie’s stitches, kissed his forehead, and whispered, “I love you, sweetie pie.” Before that, I kissed my husband’s cheek with the same message.


Before that, I made coffee and threw Kind bars into my lunch bag.  One of these days I will not be in a rush in the morning.


Before that, I posted my Slice of Life, read three blog posts, left comments, and wished I had time to read more.  Just one more.  Look at the time.  Just one more.  That’s it.  To the shower.

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