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The Two Writing Teachers blog opens up a writing challenge each year in March, the Slice of Life Challenge. I’ve participated for 8 years, but decided this year to opt out and focus on other writing projects. Alas, the coronavirus has changed so much of our lives and our thinking. Our Louisiana schools are closed for 4 weeks. I’ve been reading other Slicers’ writing and feel it’s time for me to jump in.

Life has changed so rapidly. On Wednesday of last week, I traveled to our state capital to attend the BESE board meeting where I was honored with about 50 others for National Boards Certification renewal. It was nice to be recognized. Everyone was being cautious about shaking hands, yet we were passing around a common pen and trading phones around to take pictures. No one was really taking coronavirus very seriously.

And then by Friday, our governor had closed all public schools for 4 weeks.

The announcement was so sudden that few of us had time to process what this would mean for us and for our students.

Last night my husband had a long talk with his brother who is a medical doctor in Seattle. He is not the type to panic or overreact to anything medical. However, he is serious about the spread of COVID-19. It’s an exponential growth pattern, and I’m sure most of you have read about this.

The feeling is like the days prior to a major hurricane. We are watching the news expectantly. The stores are running out of essentials. But when will the hurricane come and will it ever pass? The weather is actually beautiful which is what it strangely does before a hurricane when all the bad clouds are being pulled into the storm. I feel the ominous calm.

At this point my plan is to post on our class blog daily. I sent my students home with extra books to read. I’m in touch with parents. We will meet as a faculty on Tuesday. This is a weird time. I’m trying to stay calm and stay close to home.

How are you faring?

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