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Poetry Friday round-up is with Susan Bruck at Soul Blossom Living.

This week the Sunday Night Swaggers are drafting to a challenge from Linda Mitchell, an aubade, which is a praise song to the morning. I read on Sharing our Stories a prompt for capturing sounds in your writing. To me sounds and aubade seemed to go together.

Sound is a huge influence on people’s attention.—Walter Murch

Sounds of the Morning

Is there a sound that wakes the morning?
An alarm of the softest hum,
shrill tweet of a passing bird,
a gurgle from the coffee pot?

Will you wake from your garden
And look for me?

Will I kneel down in prayer
Or throw my head back and laugh?

Oh morning, your welcoming glaze
bathes kindness over the day.

I could bask in your freshness
And forget hatred.

Stay awhile, sunrise!

Margaret Simon, draft

To read other Aubade poems:
Linda Mitchell
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Ruth is gathering Spiritual Thursday posts at her blog.

“If the only prayer you say in your entire life is ‘thank you,’ it will be enough!” ~Meister Eckhart

What is it about November that brings out the gratitude in us? Is it the holiday of Thanksgiving? Is it the cool fall air? Is it getting close to Christmas? Or is it the number 11? Today Ruth is gathering Spiritual Journey posts about gratitude.

Thank you
releases air,
a breath.
In American sign language,
a hand to mouth and out again.
From inside of me
to the spirit of you,
I thank you.

TeachWrite is encouraging #gratiku poetry on social media. Read more about it at Leigh Anne’s blog.

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This Photo Wants to be a Poem

This week fall arrived in its glory. We have had cool mornings with bright sunny afternoons. While in South Louisiana we don’t have a great deal of fall foliage, I have been enjoying all the picks on Instagram of the bright yellows, oranges, and deep reds. I bought myself a fall arrangement of yellow roses and rusty mums. I love this time of year.

My friend Molly was out photographing again and took this cool shot of a cone. I’ve never seen one open up like a star. I want to hang this one at the top of my Christmas tree. Thanks, Molly, for always making me look twice and think about the symbolism of nature.

Autumn Architecture by Molly Hogan

Please write with me. Leave a small poem in the comments and encourage other writers who stop by. I love how we all see things differently and offer words to the universe. This is a kind, safe place to be today.

Nature draws
its own blueprint–
Design perfection
in a single cone.

Margaret Simon, draft

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