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Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for creating an amazing community of writers and a safe, welcoming space to write and share.
Poetry Friday is with Kat Apel down under with a new picture book.

In January I was looking for everything about Amanda Gorman, the inaugural poet and National Youth Poet Laureate, and I found a poetry prompt video from April, the beginning of the pandemic. The program was done by the 826 National Network called #agoodtimetowrite. Amanda called it a book scavenger hunt.

Book Scavenger Hunt with Amanda Gorman

It’s a quick writing prompt. Everyone usually has a book nearby to grab. Select 3 random pages and one word from each page. List those words, then write for 5 minutes. I’ve done it a few times, and the results can be really fun, so I challenged my Sunday night Swaggers to try it out.

This week was Read Across America Week which is still called Dr. Seuss Week at my school. Every day was a different dress up day. On Thursday, we dressed as our favorite characters. Lots of Cats-in-the-hat and Things 1 & 2. One of my students was Cindy Lou Who.

Made with Waterlogue

With this fun-filled week and words from a nearby book (LifeBoat by Susan Hood), I selected the words movie star, peaches, and tantalizing. This is my original draft:

Mouthwatering delight
the movie star of flavors–
pour Skittles into an open palm–
like bacon in the frying pan
or syrup on pancakes
or melted chocolate
inside a s’mores,
peachy pink bubble
satisfied my sweet tooth,
gift from a girl
dressed like Cindy Lou Who
on the playground.

Margaret Simon, draft

See how my Poetry Swagger friends met the challenge:

Heidi Mordhorst
Catherine Flynn
Linda Mitchell
Molly Hogan

Cat in the Hat librarian Melissa Armentor and me, Teacher One on the playground.

If you would like to sign up to participate in the 2021 National Poetry Month Progressive Poem, go to this post.

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April will be here before we know it. Yippee! National Poetry Month and the Kidlitosphere Progressive Poem. Click here to see past poems. And here for the 2020 poem.

There are few rules. The poem will be passing from blog to blog with each poet-blogger adding a line. The poem is for children. Other than that, anything goes. Usually the poem takes on a life of its own, so don’t be intimidated to sign up. Just do it and wait for your turn. Then let the creative muse do what she must.

Copy and paste the poem up to your date and add your line. Simple. Some poets like to write about the process which is always interesting for the rest of us to read, but it isn’t necessary.

When you sign up, state which date you would like and leave an active link to your blog. After the list is complete, you can copy and paste the list to your own blog post. I like to put mine in the sidebar as well.

Please email me with any questions. (margaretsmn at gmail)

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