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Saturday the sun came out, the temperatures rose to a pleasant 60 degrees, and I was with my grandchildren. A happy place most of the time. There are those small moments when the bottle isn’t ready and Stella, 3 months, is hungry. And naptime when both Stella and Leo, 27 months, were crying. There is no such thing as a perfect child or a perfect day with them, but Saturday came pretty close.

After naps, I took Leo, dressed in his caterpillar Halloween costume, to the park to watch the kite flyers there. There was a “Hulk” kite tied to an electric pole. When the kite crash landed, I took the chance to share kite flying experience with Leo.

“Pick up the string”
I held the kite high.
“Hold it up high. Now let go”
The kite caught the March wind and up it went. Leo danced in a circle squealing with delight.

When I think about my play-day with Leo, I realize that he never played with a toy. His father was working on fixing up a small shed with peg board. Leo played with a drill, a pencil, and a screwdriver. He was building, too. At the park, he picked up a large branch and “raked” leaves. Who needs toys when the world outside is full of interesting sticks?

When the Very Hungry Caterpillar sat at the kitchen table to eat his dinner, I said goodbye.
“Bye, Mamere. Kiss.”

Kites, the wind, and that kiss will carry me through to next Saturday.

Leo, the caterpillar, sister Stella, and the fire-pit on a glorious March windy day.

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