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“I’m tired,” said Deborah. “We’ve been here all day. And John wants to stay to hear Cory, but I want to see Bonsoir Catin. If I do, though, I lose my dance partner.”

Oh, the woes of a music festival.

For two years, bands that normally play weekly have been banned. So what is a dancer to do?

It is a joyful problem to have. Who will we hear next? What stage is this band playing or do we want to take a food break? Look at art?

The Festivals Acadiens et Creoles has it all. Usually a festival that happens in the heat of October, this day in March was the absolute perfect weather. Sunny and 65. Doesn’t get better than that.

I was tired. My feet hurt. Post-pandemic wearies. All in the service to joyful dancing. Let the dust fly!

“She makes the dust fly”

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