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In a small town, a canopy connects our city to a city in Spain.

Brinkley Segura Lopez with a crocheted piece for the installation.

Brinkley read about a project from New Iberia’s twin city of Alhaurín de la Torre in Spain, an installation of crocheted blankets forming a canopy. She decided to do something similar in New Iberia for the annual Spanish Festival that celebrates the founding of Nueva Iberia. On Saturday, my husband and I walked through Church Alley and visited with Brinkley and viewed the large variety of pieces being sewn together. She hopes to drape Church Alley in one long piece for the Spanish Festival in a few weeks. Click here to see an article from Spain about the installation.

Brinkley’s young daughter wants to help.

In a small town, your best friend becomes Volunteer of the Year.

Patti Holland, Executive Director of The Teche project presents Jenny Lacour with a map of the Bayou Teche.

I am on the council for the Teche Project and our annual banquet was held last night. My good friend Jenny, helped at the greeting table, served food, and was generally all over the place doing whatever needed doing, and then she was shocked to be awarded the Volunteer-of-the-Year Award. The photograph on the big screen showed Jenny in boots with mud to her knees after planting native irises on the bank of the bayou in City Park. Anyone who digs in mud and rescues Patti from falling into the mud is worthy of this prize. I’m proud to call her my friend.

In a small town, you can walk down Main Street and sit outside for a Saturday lunch.

Church Alley, Main Street, New Iberia

Saturday was a wonderful perfect weather day, so my husband and I visited the Church Alley Cafe, a new coffee shop and eatery tucked into an old building down Church Alley. We remember the years before revitalization when Church Alley was a gravel, trashy mess that most were afraid to walk through. But today it’s bustling with renovation and revitalization. We had a nice lunch outside. When Jeff finished his salad, one of the proprietors ran out with salad dressing and said, “Did anyone get a salad without dressing?” Jeff took his last bit and admitted he had a dry salad, but he didn’t want to complain. “I’m working on spreading good karma.” A few minutes later, she asked if he’d like a fresh bowl of lobster mac-n-cheese. After taking his first savory bite, he declared, “I traded up!”

I love a small town kind of day!

Nueva Iberia 1779 centered below the colors of Spain and the Acadian flag.

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