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Poetry Friday round-up is with Rebecca at Sloth Reads.

On Thursday morning, I got some shocking and scary news.  My good friend who is battling cancer was air lifted to a larger, more equipped hospital.  A message went out asking for prayers.

I recalled being air lifted almost 34 years ago when my then 4 month old daughter went into heart tachycardia.  The medics placed me on the gurney and then laid her on top of me.  As the helicopter beat through the air, my attention went to prayer.  As I prayed begged, I remember feeling a physical presence with me, an actual laying on of hands, and my daughter’s heartbeat slowed.  When we arrived at Oschner Hospital in New Orleans, the doctors there explained that her heart was responding to an infection in her body; it was not her heart.  She had pneumonia.  Now, she is the mother of a near 4 month old herself, so this memory is close.

Laura Purdie Salas posts an image and prompt ever Thursday for “15 words or less.”  Her image Thursday was a rescue helicopter from the Coast Guard Monument in DC.  This was my poem:

First Flight

Steady drumming beat
of my heart against hers
matching the rhythm
to helicopter rotors–

When we write together in my classroom, we often use quotes.  Thursday morning I looked on my Wonder app and found this quote.

The Daily Wonder App

In my notebook I wrote a prayer poem:

Oh clouds!
You are so necessary for life, but
if you don’t mind, please
move aside.
Let sun’s light
shine on Amy.
Bring her out of darkness
into hope.

Oh clouds!
We are helpless to move
you out of the way.
We send smoke signals,
wave wands, dance in a circle,
all to overcome your gloom.
Show us the sun today.
Show us the way to hope.

–Margaret Simon

Amy is getting the care she needs, but if you are the praying type, it wouldn’t hurt to add her name to your list.  Thanks!

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