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Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life March Challenge

Poetry Friday round-up is with Renee at No Water River.

For a few days last week, most of my students attended the state Beta convention, so I had fewer students.  I seized the moment to do something out of the ordinary.

One of my gifted teacher colleagues told me about the website Animal in You.  This site has an online quiz that determines what animal you are most like.

Each student took the quiz.  Then they wrote a blog post about their spirit animal.  We also made masks on round cardboard discs.  I had no idea how popular this activity would be.  The news spread to the Beta kids, and they have been taking the quiz on their own time.  It’s become a “thing.”  I put the writing prompt into our padlet for Slice of Life challenge ideas.

This activity led to poetry.  Here are a few student poems that emerged.

flying high,
touching the ocean blue sky
with their soft silk feathers.

Bird of Prey,
you are majestic but carnivorous,
helping us keep balance.

feathers soft as silk,
soar high and long
like love in my heart.

–Dawson, 4th grade

A note about Dawson’s writing: He wrote this on a scratch sheet of paper with words going all across the page, no form.  Previously, Dawson’s poems have been silly and rhyming with little sense of poetic language.  I held my tongue, knowing that more exposure would lead him, that I did not have to tell him about writing poems.  I had to show him.  The poetic format was done by me to show him his poem.

Fierce and Strong
Protector of his home.
Fast like the wind
Soaring on land
With their butt feathers in the air.
“Predators over there!”

–Trace, 5th grade

My youngest writer, Chloe wrote about life as a lion.

If I was a lion I would like to play and jump.

If I was a lion I would have a big circle of friends

If I was a lion I would like to play in the tall grassy fields.

If I was a lion I would like to play fetch with my friends.

If I was a lion I would like to slurp the water.

If I was a lion I would sleep all day.

If I was a lion I would eat a lot of gazelles.

Wouldn’t it be fun to be a lion?  What animal would you like to be?

–Chloe, 2nd grade

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Poetry Friday round-up is with Elizabeth Steinglass

Welcome to the first post in the Meet my Family Blog Tour.  Laura Purdie Salas’s book gives an overview of 22 animal families with engaging illustrations by Stephanie Fizer Coleman.



My students were immediately engaged in questioning and learning about animals, from the tundra swan to the chinstrap penguin.  Each entry is written in the voice of the baby animal telling about his family.

My two daddies feed me fish.
One is always next to me, strong
and sturdy and warm. Both of
them protect me and play with
me. I am double-daddy lucky.

From the chinstrap penguin chick, LPSalas


Whenever we encounter a new text, I invite my students to write.  For this book response, we wrote persona poems.  Each student chose their favorite animal and wrote in the point of view of that animal.  Research was optional.  I shared a colorful National Geographic Kids Ocean Animals book.  Some students chose to write about ocean animals.  Some searched in Google about other animals of interest.  And some had stored up research in their minds to tap into. All of my students enjoyed creating poems.  For more persona poems, go to Mrs. Simon’s Sea Kidblog site. 

Hi I’m Peanut, Peanut the Orangutan!
My mom’s name is Walnut.
I don’t have a dad but I’m still livin’ the life.

My mom made me a new nest which is my room.
We always have fruit for dinner
but on special occasions we get juicy, delicious, BUGS!!

Well, I am happy to say that
I can be as lazy as I want,
because I’m 3 years old and my mom gets my food for me.

Right now I’m in my nest
watching the birds tell jokes trying to make others laugh.
I didn’t get the jokes but I laughed anyway.

Can I tell you that I like and don’t like those weird humans.
Some of them like to shoot us
some like to capture us.
The nice humans like to protect us and help us,
but they’re still weird.

Well that’s my story
I got to go we’re having bugs for dinner tonight YES!!!!!!

–Dawson, 4th grade

The Great White Shark

I am sleek and silent.
I never chew my meals.
My favorite snack are seals.
I’m an undeniable top dog.
I am the king of the sea.

–Jacob, 4th grade

Erik the Eagle

My name is Erik
I was just born
I was fed raw meat,
it was a delicious treat.

My name is Erik.
I learned to fly.
I love leaving home
and soaring the sky.

My name is Erik.
I am fully grown.
I have my own wife,
and my own little throne.

–Andrew, 5th grade


Next stop on March 2nd, Kirby Larson’s blog.

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Dig poetry


My friend who doesn’t write sent me the joke poem above.  My response was “You understand me. I dig deep.”  I have committed myself to write everyday this month about poetry.  I am not promising an original poem each day (but who knows?). To share our poetry activities this month, we are using #digipoetry.  Leigh Anne (@teachr4) made this button for our blog posts.  Feel free to use it, too.


DigiPoetry buttonWednesday is a good day to wonder.  I wandered over to Wonderopolis and found a wonderful article about dolphins and echo-location.  To think about writing a poem, I collected words and phrases from the article.  After many false starts (rough drafts), I read about Nikki Grimes’ tanka contest.    Nikki Grimes’ contest for kids in grades 3-6: Tanka writing

Sometimes when writing doesn’t come easily, a form gives you the structure you need to create.  A tanka is similar to a haiku. There is no rhyme and a syllable count of 5, 7, 5, 7, 7.   Nikki Grimes has a book coming out in May, Poems in the Attic, which includes tanka.  (Click the link for more information.)

I used PicMonkey to create this image poem.









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