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Join the Tuesday Slice of Life!

Join the Tuesday Slice of Life!

On Saturday, I attended the Solomon House Christmas party. We started giving this party a few years ago for the families we serve. The party is fun for the kids. We have treats and pizza, candy canes, games, and always…Santa. Well, except maybe this year. Our usual Santa (St. Nick) just plain forgot, or was not given a sufficient urging; nevertheless, he was not there, and here we were with a parish hall full of families and no Santa.

No worries. The president of the board to the rescue. Susan is the queen of Goodwill shopping. I think she goes at least once a week. And back in July she couldn’t pass up a Santa suit for $9.99. I mean, who would pass that up? So she sent her husband out to pick up the suit while we stalled with cookies and Christmas carols. When he returned, she grabbed her 18-year-old son and suited him up. Put a man in a Santa suit, and you have transformed him into every child’s hero. Amazing power of red and white synthetic fur.

Our party was a success, and some needy families went home with bags of gifts. Many volunteers make this possible, but I think there must be some divine intervention that makes someone buy a Santa suit in July.

Santa Will

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