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Find more celebration posts at Ruth's blog.

Find more celebration posts at Ruth’s blog.

October came to an end this week.  Why does this make me sentimental?  Maybe it’s the smell of sugarcane fields burning, or the taste of satsumas, or kids in costumes, but this time of year makes me think about the past, about time, about celebrations.


The sun rises as I drive to school each day.  I took this picture out of my car window.  Next week the time will change and I won’t see the sun rise this way for a while.  Stopping to capture beauty…




My students worked all week on their podcasts.  What fun!  We were challenged by technology and with cooperation.  I celebrate that they came together to support each other.  When I figure out how to make the podcasts public, I will post them.  They wrote about everything from Halloween to mythological creatures and homework.  I celebrate the strength of their writing.  They were motivated to write for an authentic audience.




On my morning walk, I came to this overgrown shrub (or is it a tree?).  I don’t know what it is, but the bright yellow flowers attracted my focus.



A weird organic fall phenomenon is webs in the grass.  They were dotting a field and sparkling with dew.  Who made this?  How tiny a creature?



All of these photos were taken this week on my iPhone.  I never tire of photographing grandmother oak.  Here the fog is rising from the bayou silhouetting her expansive girth.  Nature nurtures the fall air, and I celebrate her gifts.




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Join the Two Writing Teachers blog for the Slice of Life Challenge.

Join the Two Writing Teachers blog for the Slice of Life Challenge.

There is no better time for me to revisit my One Little Word than this week, the week my daughter Katherine is getting married.  It’s here!  We’ve worked for months to be ready for this day, cleaning, painting, planting… And here it is.

I want to be present for this event.  I want to lose the list that has been running my life, and just BE!

My Enneagram Thought for the Day for Sunday was this: “How can you fully experience your Presence here and now? Allow yourself to be touched by impressions of life around you.”

Photography helps me experience Presence.  I stop and pay attention.

A heron happened by.

Bayou Teche blue heron, photo by Margaret Simon

Bayou Teche blue heron, photo by Margaret Simon

Light made shadows on the side of our house.


And fresh acorns match the color of Bill’s eyes.



A close friend advised me that when the wedding day comes, the details are done, and all that’s left is joy.  I am ready to be Present for the Joy.

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