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In my classroom, Friday is Game Day. I love to watch my gifted kids go after a strategic game. I encourage friendly competition and actually join in. I beat the pants off a second grader today at Mancala, but got whooped by another second grader and a third grader at Set. I thought I was the master of Mastermind until first grader Emily learned to play.

As in writing workshop when I write with my students: They see me writing. They hear my struggles. (The other day, my fifth grader told me, “Mrs. Simon, you really should add some rhyme to that poem.”
I said, “But I am no good at rhyming.”
“Just try it,” she replied.)

Playing strategic games with my students is also a way to build a community. Today, some of my students started a running chart on the board of everyone’s Mastermind scores. I was quickly at the bottom with 5 tries.

Who said learning can’t be fun? Together on game day, we play, we laugh, and we learn. I can’t wait for next Friday!

Link to my students’ Slices of today.

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