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I have to thank NCTE for the National Day on Writing as well as all the many posts on #WhyIWrite and my many teacher-writer friends who inspire me every day to make my class a safe place for writers to bloom.

Michelle Haseltine told me she was writing quotes on pencils to give to her students as inspired by Malala’s Magic Pencil. (Her post is here.)  So early Friday morning, I grabbed some fresh pencils and Googled writing quotes.  Each student received a pencil with a quote.  This was such a simple, yet positive way to garner enthusiasm for a special writing day.

Betsy Hubbard posted last minute ideas on the Two Writing Teachers blog early yesterday.  I grabbed the idea of chalkabration!  Years ago, Betsy led a monthly roundup of Chalkabration posts.  The basic idea is writing poetry with sidewalk chalk.  My students were so excited to be able to go outside and chalk their poems.  I made an Animoto video to share.

Here are some of the wonderful fall themed poems my students and I created.

–Margaret Simon Fall Haiku

Fall The holy winter is waiting. Why keep it away when you could bring it in. Winter comes. –Trace, 5th grade

Fall Mysterious Admiring Happening Turning Winter Every Night Fall –Austin, 6th grade

Autumn Summer breeze turned cold. Bright sun into dim moon. Emerald leaves turn amber. Blue skies now dark. –Madison, 4th grade

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Today is the National Day on Writing!  On Sunday, I wrote my top ten list and collected posts from bloggers on this topic here.

As I read blog posts, I was inspired to collect quotes and make them into images. You can use these images for Twitter posts or on your own blog posts. Spread the love of writing today!

Image by Margaret Simon. Quote by Ruth Ayres.

Image by Margaret Simon. Quote by Ruth Ayres.

Image and quote by Catherine Flynn

Image and quote by Catherine Flynn

Image by Pixabay Quote by Michelle Haseltine

Image by Pixabay
Quote by Michelle Haseltine


Image enhanced by Picmonkey. Photo and quote by Kim Douillard


Image by Pixabay. Quote by Julieanne Harmatz.

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Please use this button on your site for DigiLit Sunday posts

Please use this button on your site for DigiLit Sunday posts


Excitement is building in cyberspace for the National Day on Writing scheduled for this Thursday, Oct. 20th.  This is a day when everyone is asked to think about why we write.  NCTE created the hashtag #WhyIWrite for Twitter.  The day is a collaboration among NCTE, National Writing Project, The New York Times Learning Network, and Teaching Channel.

Here are my top ten JOYS for writing:

  1. Writing helps me see clearly.
  2. Writing makes hard times easier.
  3. Writing sends my words into the world.
  4. Writing is a creative act that feeds my soul.
  5. Writing is hard and challenging like vitamins for my brain.
  6. Writing connects me with others.
  7. Writing leads me to me.
  8. Writing is understanding and confusing all at the same time.
  9. Writing builds hope.
  10. Writing is the thing with feathers.

Hope is the thing


Kevin Hodgson says he writes digitally to feel the groove between the spaces.  Read all about Kevin’s groove and explore a Thinglink of thoughts here.

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