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Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life March Challenge


Dear Spring Break,
I am celebrating your arrival today.
You have entered my life like a soothing breeze.
When the birds call, I will be here to listen.
I will take long walks with Charlie. (First sight of the leash, and he is ready to go!)
I promise to read a book in your honor
and share it with my students when we return.
I hope you will invite me outside to explore.
I’d love to have lunch with a friend.
I promise to practice my ukulele, cook dinner more than once, and crochet in prayerful meditation.
But most of all, I promise to be grateful for every quiet moment you give me because I know that April and May are slippery slopes to summer.
Thanks for coming, spring break, you are a welcomed guest.
With love,

Find more celebration posts at Ruth’s blog.

I borrowed this writing idea from Michelle Haseltine at One Grateful Teacher.

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Find more celebration posts at Ruth’s blog.

I’ve had a wonderful week off this week.
A little bit of sleeping,
a little bit of reading,
some writing,
some walking,
some talking with friends.

Mostly, I did whatever I wanted to do.
This is what Spring Break should be.
No excuses.
No worries.
Just a stretch of time
to relax and be.

This is not really a poem. I just made it look like one. Last night, my husband and I drove to Breaux Bridge to hear the Nouveau String Band. Oh, this group is so much fun. Lots of dancing, smiling, and laughing happened here. I’m posting a YouTube video of one of the songs they did last night. Put on your dancing shoes.

Here’s an actual poem that I wrote after reading Caroline Starr Rose’s blog post and listening to All the Wonders podcast of Nikki Grimes combined with some toe-tapping moves of my own.

I’m Possible

I’m on the edge of possible
with two steps to the right
Two to the left
Toe tap and spin.

Inside of me
I have enough
to be who I want
to be, enough rhythm,
enough swing
to make my world sing.

You do, too!

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